If you’re interested in learning more about mold, you’re not alone. Mold can cause many health problems in those who are susceptible, dangers that can go far beyond sneezing or coughing. Black mold can be a serious health concern, and that’s why you want to seek out a mold inspection and removal company with the highest reputation. These blogs will detail the reasons that black mold occurs, what’s involved in mold testing, how much mold inspections cost, and the process of black mold removal. Keep reading to find out more from Culley Enviro!

  1. COVID-19 Post-work Project Evaluation, or Cleaning Efficacy

    From the IICRC/RIA: Post-work Project Evaluation, or Cleaning Efficacy The combination of touch point cleaning and application of a disinfectant to other surfaces is a proven strategy to break the chain of infection. Although these efforts are designed to affect microorganisms that are too small to …Read More

  2. Asthma and Mold? The Cladosporium Culprit

    The genus of mold Cladosporium is a well know trigger for asthmatics, and remains one of the most widespread molds around the United States. Below is a document explaining some of the most commonly found species of Cladosporium, included are references to source materials as well as helpful informat…Read More

  3. Can You Ignore Black Mold and Just Live With It?

    When we first hear this question, we cringe. After all, we deal with black mold every day and have seen the health effects it can have on people. It’s something we’re constantly battling, and we’ve seen the sad reactions on peoples faces when we perform mold testing and tell them they need bla…Read More

  4. What Goes On During a Mold Inspection?

    If you suspect you might have mold in your home or office, you want to get a mold inspection done as soon as possible. The fact is, mold seldom goes away on its own, and it’s much more likely that it will just spread and release more mycotoxins into the air. You’re probably curious as to what wi…Read More

  5. Welcome to Culley Enviro, Your Texas Mold Inspection Experts!

      We’d like to thank you for stopping by Culley Enviro’s new and improved website. We’re the mold testing experts in Texas, focusing on mold problems in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and the greater Houston area. If you have a black mold problem or are experiencing problems with breathi…Read More