Fort Worth

Thanks to gutters and storm sewers, most flash flooding tends to stay on the streets. As long as you don’t need to go for a drive, the flash flooding that happens periodically here in Fort Worth isn’t going to cause much trouble.

But that doesn’t mean that the 100-year and 500-year floods aren’t occurring with much more regularity than their names would suggest, flooding homes and causing chaos above street level. And when the storm sewers fill up, even more homes are seeing water flood in. Unfortunately, such flooding can bring with it black mold, also known as Stachybotrys chartarum. It’s a toxic mold that can cause respiratory problems such as coughing, shortness of breath, and sneezing, and can be especially dangerous to those with pre-existing breathing problems. Less obvious but equally dangerous can be the memory loss, headaches, and depression that mycotoxin spores are known to cause.

How Did I Get Black Mold?

If you are suffering from any of those symptoms we just mentioned, black mold could be the culprit. If your home has recently suffered water damage — whether from a flash flood or via a leaky plumbing pipe — your problems could be black mold related. You can go looking for it yourself, but the best way to make sure that it’s toxic mold and not something benign is if you hire a professional mold inspection company.

Black mold thrives in dark and wet environments, but it needs more than water. Black mold feeds on cellulose. That makes the average home or office the perfect place for it to live, as most buildings have carpet, drywall, and wooden framing for it to attach to and eat. Not all mold can be seen, as it sometimes lives behind walls or at framing joists. That’s where professional mold inspectors come in.

Contact Culley Enviro For Fort Worth Mold Inspection!

If you see, smell, or have any other indication that your home, office, or apartment might have black mold, we’re here to verify it with our certified mold testing techniques. Contact Culley Enviro for mold inspection in Fort Worth and protect your health!