Culley Enviro is the leading authority on mold remediation.  We provide industry-best practice instruction to consumers and Mold Remediation Contractors, helping them safely and effectively deal with mold contamination in homes and businesses. Our team of experienced professionals average 30 projects a month, ensuring that our customers always receive the highest level of service.


Bob Culley, the Company founder has 15 years of experience as an assessor, remediator, and instructor at one of environmental schools GEBCO located in Hurst, TX. Bob has helped not only customers, but remediators and assessors who serve as competitors.  Bob believes that providing help in this industry is his calling.

Pat Culley handles the bookkeeping duties. She is also an owner.

Teresa Gianopoulos (Gi-ann-op-o-los) Bob brought in Teresa Gianopoulos who started her career as a mold remediation tech performing remediation for the Company. Teresa quickly advanced as a remediation supervisor, then switched over to the assessment side. She did over 100 jobs as a Mold Assessment Tech and then passed her exam and became a Mold Assessment Consultant.  As a MAC, Teresa excelled in her position and now serves as the Vice President – Operations. Her impressive number of reviews always mention her professionalism, thoroughness, and transparency. In addition, Teresa serves as the Vendor Coordinator for the Association of Texas Real Estate Inspectors. Teresa is also an owner of the Company.

James Skinner, Mold Assessment Tech has worked for the Company for over five years and is expected to pass his MAC exam in 2022.


Jake White works part-time and has taken his MAT training.  He will take the MAT exam in 2022.